The Story of Intrinsic Abundance

The simplest shortest story of Intrinsic Abundance is “I choose. I see. I am.” If you wish to explore this mysterious and profound world hiding in plain sight, you can watch the introductory video series here. Each video is about 20 minutes totaling 1 hour and is the fastest and most direct way to begin understanding the philosophy.

Whether you believe, agree with or understand Intrinsic Abundance is not at all important. It is about direct experience, and if you can explore your own unique experiences and journey through these suggestions, you can discover for yourself what is hiding in ordinary, everyday life.

You can download or print the map for your own use as desired. The printable version is color-corrected for the average printer, it should show up very similarly to how the online version looks on a computer or phone screen. You can use either one however you like.

because your presence alone is a miracle.

I know the feeling of showing up and feeling stagnant, feeling lopsided, uncomfortable, pain, being overwhelmed. I know the tension of showing up vulnerably in person after being scarred. I know that after self-isolation for not long at all, even a day or two, it can feel like absolute shit to go out in the world and be with people. To show up in the midst of the storm, off-center, confused, distracted, deprived, can feel dumb, meaningless, as if it’s just not worth it.

But I’m here to say that’s an illusion. When you show up and feel these emotions and physical disruption, it’s shaking up what’s been stagnated and becoming aware of what’s already there. In fact, self-isolating, numbing out, escaping in the same pattern, over-indulging, hedonism, that’s what actually creates this junk residue within you. Getting out in the world awakens feeling, and you actually begin the hangover- the detox.
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