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June 23, 2021
Interview & Survey: People with experience in homeless, housing, and youth related organizations/services

Primarily seeking experiences within the US.

I’m looking to interview anyone who has participated in programs or any group focusing on homelessness, housing, and/or youth advocacy. You could be a past or present client, employee, volunteer, family, or in another position. If you have filled multiple roles that’s even better.

Interviews will be 30-60 min long, you can specify how much time you want to commit to the interview based on your needs and preferences. We can do this over Zoom/Facebook video, by phone, or in person. I also am creating a short survey for anyone willing to take that.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for my research I greatly appreciate that. If you or anyone you know needs help with facing corruption or abuse in any of these programs, contact me and I can help find resources, build a network of support, and find alternative solutions to the corrupted program.

Confidentiality Options:
1. Request I keep all of your info 100% confidential (I would only use it for my own personal direction in research and analysis)
2. Partial release: sign a release to allow your story and experiences to be used in publication but keep some sensitive details private as you specify (such as your name, the name of the program, your specific location).

*Other details and options with confidentiality or sharing your story will come up later, TBD for now. I will always respect and protect you and your information first and foremost.

Discord: NemoSundry#1133