Mapping Allison’s Wonderland

a picture drawn by Allison

Allison Bailey was one of my best friends. She died very suddenly on December 29, 2018 only 6 months ago. Recently I realized just how important our shared idea was, that she called Resource Community. Today I’m bringing the pieces together, in the name of her legacy and creating something that would have met a profound need for both of us.
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Resource Network Map [Protoype]

Here is the original design of the interactive community map tool that would later evolve into Resource Community, a collaborative map website co-founded by myself and my close friend Allison Bailey. Find the full Color & Icon Key below.

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Purpose: Reconcile Life and Death

I haven’t felt like this since I found out about Booth Brown and that I could live independently as a teenager. That I could liberate myself. It was the kind of do or die that reconciles life and death as a whole, that takes the dichotomy of “life versus death” survival and transmutes it into fearless consciousness. Where this vulnerable dance with danger and the un-gauranteed is the best life to live, and the only one we have.

I’ve been in Deep Dark a long time; it’s been my shadow and a friend.

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