Self-Determination: The Path to Liberation

I’ve come to discover an archetypal root that explains the difference between liberated, peaceful people and corrupt authoritarians. The root is self-determinationThe start of self-determination is autonomy, so the individual must claim his autonomy and aim to grow his strength in acting on it. And others must respect his autonomy- making requests instead of demands, using conflict mediation instead of punishment, etc.

Self-determination involves 3 needs:
Autonomy – the agency to make decisions and own your life;
Interconnection – healthy supportive relationships; and
Competence – the skill and strength to do something really well.

All three of these mixed together creates liberation that many people can’t even comprehend, and even some of the few who have achieved it go around talking about parts of their journey that completely ignore self-determination, showing they are oblivious to it.

The real vicious truth here is that when a person lacks autonomy, and especially if they have been traumatized or damaged, they will strive for control to make up for the loss. It’s like trying to steal the autonomy of others, but many wannabe dictators don’t even realize this is the result of their actions. They just get blinded by the stress and trauma pushing them to try and make their environment clean, predictable, and in their power. It doesn’t work. Becoming intrinsically autonomous, self-determined, and skillful will give you the sense of liberation and inner peace to come to terms with the world around you, as it is.

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The High School Diploma: A Fiat Pyramid Scheme

School Pyramid Scheme
The School Pyramid Scheme: Where’s The Value?

Fiat (n): “An arbitrary or authoritative command to do something; an effectual decree.”

Fiat money is currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material from which the money is made.”Investopedia

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Liberation: Say No to Dictators

How is it that so many people are simultaneously living in fear, don’t care about their actual life, and give up their rights and autonomy at the slightest demand from the smallest dictator?

Millions of people and growing depressed, depression is becoming survival of the fittest the more people choose life the prison when they so desperately avoid any kind of loss and fear death itself. Liberation comes by letting this all die. Death is liberation.

Everything changes, this is birth and death, constantly. Life is the cycle of birth and death. Cut off half the equation and you have the prison of nonexistence.

You thought that without life, there could be no autonomy. But the truth is, without autonomy, there is no life.

Willpowerful: Independence in Adolescence

Willpowerful: Independence in Adolescence – Updated February 2019!
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Special thanks to Chase Gielda of OAM Meditation for thoroughly reviewing and editing Willpowerful. His contributions were significant in setting a direction for Willpowerful and widening the audience that can be reached, yet tailoring specifically to those audiences.

Willpowerful: Independence in Adolescence
Regular PDF   • Printable Booklet


If you are a young person dreaming of the freedom to lead your own life, this guide can help. In this guide, wecelebrate the human will for independence. Yes, you are young, and yes- you have the right to own your life.

With determination and dedication, you have the chance to be free. You could be a leader in youth rights, if you step up to the challenge.

This booklet is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution. The most current publication is attributed to Nemo Sundry.
What’s New in the Update?
The new update’s primary changes are in the writing. We’ve replaced filler story with more pragmatic advice and laid it out step by step, especially experiences that aren’t obvious or transparent. We adjusted the language so it would make the most sense to the young people reading it, and connect with their real and evolving experiences. In focusing mostly on pragmatic advice, the final version is able to provide multiple examples to address choices relevant at younger ages, roughly 12-16, and as a person gets older, around 16-21. But autonomy (independence) is a universal need, so at whatever age a person begins the path, there’s something in Willpowerful for them. Cheers!
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The State Within: A Year in the Free State Project

In August of 2016 I moved to New Hampshire for the Free State Project, and the year I spent there destroyed me, I was anihilated and reborn many times. In this experience I saw the transmutation and meditation practices I’d commited to for 6 months had profoundly impacted my intrinsic strength in response to what became the worst situation of my adult life. It is in this transformation that I came to a fundamental understanding of the kinds of skills, priorities and values that freestaters absolutely need for this movement to be successful.
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