TEDTalk: Childhood Trauma and Consciousness

Yes, this really aligns with my exploration and direct experiences in my life and interacting with MOST of the people I’ve met. I see evidence of this epidemic every day. It flutters up in little moments, blinking through.

I’m at the point where I consider the child-parent cycles of abuse to be fundamentally entangled with the root of suffering in our species. To be entangled with pursuit of higher consciousness, or getting corrupted into unconsciousness. Correlated directly with what some people may call enlightenment itself.

Hollow and Alone

So many people don’t care about each other and are hollow from isolation, yet this is a self-sustaining paradox. So often invisible. I see it very clearly, I see I could become hollow too. I don’t want to continue the cycle.

I’ve discovered, when old archaic illusions finally crumble, that doing nothing is a profound and shockingly painful choice- a pain that feels like unwilling death; a noble sacrifice quietly when instead you could be doing something toxic or evil.

Imagine if I were one less person leaving that imprint. A unique fingerprint that shows me as its author, author of spreading infectious harm and tragedy. I don’t have to do it again.

I keep looking around and the majority of both tragic and toxically destructive situations are caused by series of terrible, and blind decisions by regular people. I’ve yet to find evidence of willful evil, where someone would do it for its own sake. Even revenge has another motive; desperation for empathy – to feel their pain.

Gateways have remained pristine and closed; I will have to find another path. Maybe a path of letting go.

♦ ♣ ♦

An image captured my soul again;
it sold me to a demon I called my only friend
which tore out my heart and ripped me apart;
I said everything is as it should be
everything is as it should be

everything is as it will be,
in the end

Nemo | 7 May 2018

Prajna: Pain and Fear As Your Friend

My ego can feel like almost entirely addictiveness, and it’s a prison. I realized today after getting hooked into that prison again, in my case the prison of computer addiction, that I would rather be in a “real” prison, physically, than to be in this prison within my body and deterministic reactions. What a terrifying recognition, a kind of fear that feels like love and honesty, that allows me to fall apart. Pema feels like a long time friend, who reminds me of gratitude.

Now is the best time to surrender, to surrender again and be present. Sometimes, this is called meditation.

Jordan B. Peterson Doesn’t Understand Childhood Suffering

Books Referenced:
12 Rules for Life by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary
Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn
Free to Learn by Dr. Peter Gray

This article corresponds with the video but is not a verbatim transcript. For timestamps see the time [0:00] at the top of each section throughout the article. Resources are linked chronologically throughout the piece. Additional resources not mentioned in the video are included chronologically and a full list is at the bottom.
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Willpowerful: Independence in Adolescence

UPDATE 2/2/19: We are expanding this guide series to other booklets for self-determination relating to different topics. The newest guidebook in process is a Trauma Care reference for crisis and prevention. Other future guides include economic empowerment, autonomy, competence, and interconnection. The series will be released as the Intrinsic Abundance Series with contributions from more people based on specialty and skill.

Willpowerful: Independence in Adolescence
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If you are a teenager dreaming of independence and the freedom to lead your life, this simple guide may be of help. This is as much a practical guide as it is a celebration of the human will for autonomy.

Even though you are young, you have all your human rights. You deserve freedom, and with unrelenting willpower, you have the chance at empowerment. You could be a pioneer in adolescent autonomy, if you step up to the challenge.

This booklet is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution. The most current publication is attributed to Nemo Sundry.

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