The 28 Laws of Liberation

1. When you’re stuck, the old version of you must be willing to die completely to allow for a new beginning.
2. Embracing autonomy and isolation is the starting point of the hero’s journey, the blank page to begin healing.
3. If autonomy can be experienced deeply, it ignites the fire of intrinsic motivation.
4. Surrendering to unpleasant experiences wholly, physically, opens the gateway of awakening and liberation.
5. Pain is not a punishment; it’s communication, and it wants you to listen.

6. The mind is merely a tool, and the secrets of the universe are physical.
7. The deepest wisdom must be experienced physically before it can be understood mentally.
8. Sometimes deep wisdom presents itself as a paradox, and is realized when the two opposing forces become one.
9. Relationships create the environment, and the environment is the deciding factor influencing your behavior.
10. Remind yourself: “If I don’t do it now, I should assume I never will.”
11. Set up your environment to be aligned with your highest goals, free of distractions.
12. The right daily practices, even if mundane, are the foundation of a life worth living.
13. The good struggle is a challenging pursuit that is meaningful and purposeful.

14. Vulnerability is a fundamental part of life, and creates profound and joyful experiences when embraced.
15. Fundamental rarity means you are the only time you have ever existed, or ever will- as rare as you can be.
16. Feeling your fundamental rarity deeply connects you to your vulnerability, and leads to awakening.
17. Loss is liberation; when you reach the place of nothing left to lose, you’re free.
18. The place of nothing left to lose is unique and internal, not material or external.

19. People who are too fringe can’t gain safety by obeying authority, and their wisdom is too valuable to sacrifice.
20. Standing by your morals and boundaries maintains your autonomy, even when everything else is lost.
21. The myth of success tries to erase and ignore the painful ugly parts of life, and perpetuates our suffering.
22. Notice what happens when you stop comparing your experiences to success, and instead embrace it as it is.
23. Rather than pursuing success, see what happens when you invest in the quality of your character.
24. Some people are blind to your value; don’t let it distract or fool you.

25. People take evil actions because they don’t know the full depth of their evil.
26. The best revenge is to thrive, against all odds.
27. There is nothing to gain by hurting your enemies, and everything to gain by becoming a gift to the world.
28. Even with all of your flaws, suffering, mistakes, and limitations- you could be the light in someone’s darkness.

~Nemo Sundry | 7 March 2021

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