Freeing yourself from the Matrix of addiction

Getting hypnotized; The Matrix of addiction and invincibility. To forget your vulnerability and rarity, the conviction of invincibility is “here is how life is, how it always has been, and always will be” – it is blindness to Fundamental Change. That life changes constantly, and every experience is intrinsically rare. The only time it happened, the only time it ever will.

Hedonism is unrecognized at first, as simply enjoying something pleasurable and avoiding something painful. This quickly and easily gets out of hand, carried away, by creating the HABIT of seeking pleasure, avoiding pain. You grow tolerance so you need to seek MORE pleasure, and intolerance so you avoid even smaller pains. You are making yourself weaker with no idea it’s happening. Eventually you numb yourself with constant unbroken pleasure you can’t feel anymore; the best you can hope for is numb. This is the “deep sleep”, the inner Matrix. The hypnosis.

When you briefly wake up or get jostled or shocked, you feel a tiny bit of the pain you have been avoiding and accumulating, the ways you’ve hurt yourself, the overwhelming reality that is so at odds with what you want to experience. It’s doubly bad because not only have you been accumulating pain you haven’t addressed, you’ve made yourself completely unable to tolerate even the tiniest discomfort, AND you’ve hurt yourself with the addictive numbing actions, so create more pain. Waking up to catch a glimpse of this is like a tidal wave and it feels like reality itself is horrible, painful, desolate. You also get just enough of a break from the pleasure that it becomes just a little bit novel again, it’s vibrancy restored.

It is all too obvious the choice, to numb again, and return to sleep. What you don’t learn in this trap, is how your cocoon of addiction and numbness is exactly what creates that horrible reality. It is coming from within you. And there is no pleasure left to feel. You have trapped yourself in a world where all you want is pleasure, and you can’t find it. And where you run from pain, until it consumes your whole experience.

Eventually the numbing won’t work anymore. It will be crushed under the weight of the consuming pain and intolerance. And because you avoid pain and seek pleasure on instinct, when the pleasure becomes the pain, the illusion is shattered- and you are left naked, barren, broken, sick, with the karma of your blind choices all along. No more escape. You might see this as an absolute disaster, a horrible experience. But it is the miracle that saves you from the addiction, the blindness, the hypnosis.

It is the universe offering you the opportunity to step onto your path, one more time.

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