Self-Determination: the Primary Colors of Needs

The three needs of Self-Determination aren’t just important alone, or even in a group together. It’s when the three are combined, that they make something entirely new.

Primary Needs:
RED 1. Autonomy
BLUE 2. Competence
YELLOW 3. Interconnection

Full Rainbow (Primary + Secondary) –
RED 1. Autonomy
            ORGANGE 3-1 Interconnected Autonomy: “I am independent and fulfilled in relationships with other independent people. I spend time alone and among friends.”
            GOLD 1-3 Autonomous Interconnection: “Our relationships are healthy, stable, and adaptable. We set boundaries, and respect differences and disagreements.”

YELLOW 3. Interconnection
            GREEN 3-2 Interconnected Competence: “Our team is made up of highly skilled and wise people with their own specialties. Variety in our perspectives creates better outcomes as a whole.”
            TURQUOISE 2-3 Competent Interconnection: “We organize community actions with highly effective community outcomes. We learn from mistakes well together and resolve conflict through mediation.”

BLUE 2. Competence
            INDIGO 2-1 Competent Autonomy: “I am independent and I know what it takes to be independent. I can stand up for myself and I know about self-determination.”
            MAROON 1-2 Autonomous Competence: “I am skillful, wise and knowledgeable to be self-led in my actions; I can pursue deeper learning and improvement on my own.”

RED 1. Autonomy

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