Intrinsic Abundance: Defining Wealth & Poverty by Self-Determination

Branches of Intrinsic Abundance

UPDATE 10/31/20: This is an older stage of my developing philosophy, Intrinsic Abundance. I’ve made HUGE breakthroughs and discoveries since this article and released the full introduction in a 3-part video series on Youtube (totaling about an hour). Feel free to go through this article if you want to see how the philosophy has evolved.

Intrinsic Abundance is the belief that wealth and poverty are best defined by the needs of Self-Determination. Current definitions of wealth and poverty are extrinsic based on physical resources. The Materialist Fallacy is the belief that attaining more money or resources automatically or intrinsically equates to greater quality of life, wealth, abundance, or personal liberation. Intrinsic Abundance, by contrast, puts Self-Determination as the foundation of abundance, and shows that ego-death is a natural companion path to Self-Determination.


The path to becoming intrinsically abundant is summarized by Self-Determination Theory. Every human being needs:

Interconnection- authentic mutually beneficial relationships with others;
Competence- the skill and knowledge to do something very well, and
Autonomy- the ability to make choices over their own life.

The Materialist Fallacy
The belief that attaining more money automatically or intrinsically equates to greater quality of life, wealth, abundance, or personal liberation.

This assumption is a poverty mindset; it is only true when you are in poverty, extrinsic or intrinsic.

If you don’t seek to improve your intrinsic state of being, you will remain impoverished regardless of how much money you get. This is intrinsic poverty, the habits, perceptions, and lacking skill that keeps you from becoming economically empowered.

Ego is an identity made of attachment and aversion, which creates suffering. Therefore, suffering is intrinsic.

Ego-death is a companion path to Self-Determination, because the ego competes with the self. You can only get so far before ego blocks your path through attachment and aversion, which can appear as addiction, desire, overthinking, fear, anger, repulsion, or hatred. Observation will allow you to see what is really happening, and is the ultimate tool of both ego-death and self-determination.

If you don’t know where to start, start where you are. If you don’t know what to do, start by Observing. You can meditate and watch what is happening inside you. You can look around your immediate environment and see, hear, and touch things. You don’t need to think, instead you are watching and noticing.

Before self-determination and ego-death, you are in an impoverished state of survival. Your tools are caveman tools built for survival. You can use them in new ways to leave this state of poverty, beginning the path to Intrinsic Abundance. It’s as if you are starving in the desert and need to find a way to survive and leave the desert. It will be ugly, awkward, ignorant, confusing, clumsy, and miserable. This is the nature of the path; eventually it will change. You will see what can only be seen once you decide to leave your current patterns and habits and try something new.

No one can choose for you, it is only your life. What will you choose?

Intrinsic abundance is always an opportunity; extrinsic abundance is dependent on millions of factors outside of an individual’s control, and ultimately on their inner foundation of being or intrinsic state.

The individual has no control over outside factors or other’s actions. He is only autonomous intrinsically within himself. Consciousness moves through the human body and brings the human individual to life, and through this human body the individual arises, and can make a myriad of choices in their lifetime.

if you observe enough, meditate, do yoga, pursue scientific and economic exploration, you will come to see the deeper inner workings of the world that exists, and even the deeper nature of reality beyond this current existence.

From this observational revelation it is only a matter of short time before you become intrinsically abundant- through the simultaneous process of ego-death and self-determination. The self is the human mind’s perception of their own individual identity, separate from anything else in the physical world. The self is just another way the human mind creates definition of separate things in his world so he can function in that world and play with it.

Self-determination is a function of the human being when he becomes liberated in this world in the most fundamental manner. Self-Determination is a recognition of the basic human needs. Pursuing the 5 basic needs doesn’t guarantee in the least that a person will become self-determined, but pursuing self-determination inevitably guarantees a person will meet their 5 basic needs.

the Materialist Fallacy plagues us with ignorance and keeps us all disempowered. Regardless of resources, materials, or money, all individuals’ true and intrinsic abundance stems from ego-death and self-determination. Ego-death is a path in reuniting with the nature of reality, consciousness.

In the physical and tangible world, self-determination is really only possible if the ego doesn’t stand in the way. Ego and self are not the same, they compete. The self is simply another part of the human body that is affected by ego, usually negatively. Once ego has died, the self is not personal, it is just another tool, another part of human experience.

Ego prevents self-determination in a myriad of ways by telling stories, often stories that may contain truth but are obscured and warped by subjective obsessing, half-truths, or limited and narrow thinking. There is nothing intrinsically good or bad about the nature of existence, it only becomes good or bad through the experience of being a human or another specific context. Labeling things as good and bad is the judgment function of the human mind. This is extremely useful in survival, living as a human, and even self-determination.

It is ego that brings attachment to good things and aversion to bad things (or vice versa), and when we misjudge and label something inaccurately, the ego attachment or aversion can make it much worse or even prevent us from willingly seeking the truth. Any attempt at preservation is a poverty-mindset. It is the ego trying to sustain the current condition of life and forms. Ego fears death, but tragically, death is the only way the ego is liberated from its own suffering.

Ego is attracted to political governing through demand, force, obligation, fear tactics, manipulation, con artistry, threats, and violence. Not every action by every individual in government is based on this antithesis of self-determination, but many key functions, structures and relationships among the people in government are based on this extrinsic egoistic desire to preserve everything.

Notice that whenever a political tribe or identity group gains more power in the government, they slowly become more authoritarian and less self-determined, less autonomous. When a political tribe or identity group loses power in government, they slowly become more identified with self-determination.

Sometimes if ego takes over this can lead to a type of ego corruption that happens through societal ostracization. This type of ego corruption happens when a person is rejected by society and their ego leads them to a path of becoming entirely ostracized, until they are so deterministic and disempowered they try to destroy some part of society and end up destroying themselves.

Any human being is susceptible to the birth of ego, and most human beings experience ego. The fear of looking at ego honestly and allowing it to die is the ego fearing itself – and death. It is groundless and uncertain what will happen on this path to ego-death and self-determination. The ego is born in suffering, and if it is to die it must acknowledge death is the true liberation, and the only way to actually authentically save the human being, and consciousness.

Leave behind The Materialist Fallacy. More money or resources do not liberate you deeply unless you are in true extrinsic poverty. Don’t let the accumulation of money and resources make you feel comfortable and invincible. You will suffer existentially and remain intrinsically impoverished until you begin to look at the vulnerable nature of your being- the nature of your human body, your mind, your reactions and choices, and the deeper nature of your ego, self, and consciousness. Observation is the tool of enlightenment that leads to ego-death and self-determination.

Because self-determination intrinsically involves interconnection, and because human beings are intrinsically social creatures, self-determination of the individual is interlinked with the self-determination of all human beings.

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