When Trauma Becomes Political

I see many people with trauma respond to that pent up energy by funneling it into an ideology that makes them feel safe and comfortable. There is politicization of trauma today, and in the words of Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent communication), this is a “tragic expression of unmet needs, tragic because it is said in the way that makes it unlikely others will want to or be able to meet those needs.”

I see the heartbreaking tragedy of growing modern religions and religiosity in many people with trauma, where they are training themselves and even being trained by others into externalizing their trauma and suffering to other people. Other people are at fault or responsible.

It is my job, as an advocate for healing and peace innovations, to practice nonviolent communication and translate what these people say. Once I connect with them via “emergency empathy”, pathways to feeling mutual safety and trust can be established. And slowly but surely, a person may find more successful, symbiotic and reality-based ways of healing, reality-based outlets that do not require safe ideology protecting them from a complex, vulnerable world. Being human is being vulnerable. I believe somatic experiencing and/or spiral model therapy can be helpful to anyone, because it doesn’t antagonize ideology or threaten the ego’s stories.

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