Fear Becoming Wisdom

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth” – Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart


People cover up evil, idolize beauty, and entirely ignore true peace – the ordinary.

The more things are exposed and we begin to see that disaster and evil and corruption can happen anywhere, committed by anyone, the more trust is eroded and we become wild dogs in the night, lurking and looking so cautiously around every corner ready to
jump at the slightest sound of a threat.

We become so fractured apart and the paths to forming communities and organizations becomes more emboldened by complexity and legalistic paperwork to “keep us safe”. But the intensity of paperwork and overdoing this pursuit is a reflection of a flimsy foundation; it is NOT a strong foundation when you add quantity to make up for lacking quality and back it up with government threats. It only becomes a mutual dance in attempting to manipulate, obligate, and threaten the other person into acting as you want.

In fear we lose autonomy, and in losing autonomy we lose ground. In groundlessness we grasp for anything to hold onto, and grip so tightly all life is silenced, and the only thing that can survive this grip is the power-hunger energy coming from the clinging itself. The illusion of autonomy grounded in control. Control of others, of nature, of the resources and structure around you. Control to ensure no surprises, when everything uncertain proceeds everything unexpected,and everything unexpected is scary and dangerous. This is calcification of the soul through a massive traumatic reaction with no recognition of what is really going on.

So in the years as I have walked deeper into the fearful dark places where everything is threatening, many people around me have shied away and shrunk deeper into their shells hiding from more and more of natural life. So when I reach out with the bold intensity of knowing this is the path and this is the way, they shrink and hide away even further. Giving up their inherited opportunity to take on the game of life. Giving up the opportunity to build trust and test waters.


Stagnating in the shallow end near the shore, it is not a life of growth or wonder, or wisdom. It is a life of the one who fears dying so much, they become dead so as not to feel it.

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