losing weight

I’m having a lot of fun playing the game of life recently having transcended an intensely close relationship with my own suffering, which has been the unfolding tale of the last almost two years. One of my favorite things to do in playing the game of life now is helping friends and people in my daily life. I’ve had future roommates meet in mutliple circumstances, connected friends to resources who are struggling, connected friends to good jobs and helped with resumés, have conducted research for causes friends are passionate about, have shared music and gratitude and listening to those who need it, and this is only the beginning!
A life worth living. Please, join me ~

I’ll be there with your storms and your sunny days. I’ll be the friend who loves to play, rain or shine, sleet or hail. The light within will never fail. Obscured by fog in the night, burned and thrown from the nest, groundless and turned inside out, upside down. Buried in ages of sand and grit. Uncovered again and tossed in the ocean, lost at sea. Found on shore on a new foreign plain.

Wherever the gem of buddha nature is thrown, it always stays the same. Brilliant and undamaged, your wisdom is underneath. Under all crushing suffocating experiences of no escape and groundless confusion, beneath all addictive habits imprisoning your life in a deterministic fever dream,

timeless ageless buddha nature is your companion. It is who you really are. Imagine if I could be so lucky as to be in your presence. I’d want nothing less, and nothing more.

Only the one who loses is weightless enough to fly.

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