Purpose: Reconcile Life and Death

I haven’t felt like this since I found out about Booth Brown and that I could live independently as a teenager. That I could liberate myself. It was the kind of do or die that reconciles life and death as a whole, that takes the dichotomy of “life versus death” survival and transmutes it into fearless consciousness. Where this vulnerable dance with danger and the un-gauranteed is the best life to live, and the only one we have.

I’ve been in Deep Dark a long time; it’s been my shadow and a friend.

The very terror that makes you flinch and run before you even think; the very pain that calls for escape, is the gateway to inner peace. I’ve lived this and still I must relearn it every moment. You will see with even profound willingness to look at that restlessness, you don’t even know how. Keep looking, stay willing. When it’s so astoundingly uncomfortable you can’t even comprehend it, and it sticks you to the moment like a bug on a wall, that’s when you know you’ve found the path.
Stay here. Surrender to your purpose, and dare to fall apart.

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