organizing | c h a o s

erratic energy

going mad
going crazy
it’s not so bad
but it’s the frenzy



into fuzzy little specs
in a sunbeam

dream of dreams:
thick I run through
water and salt;
here I was born
it’s not my fault

recollecting my creation
a great sickness
purging a karmic death
and healing

I am the phoenix

is this the cliff running and LEAPING over the edge?

into deep dark


I am the ocean

I snap and burn as kindling in my own fire;
I am the burning and the burning eats me

Learning to love the erratic ecstatic terror
trauma energy,
and ego shadow

no idea what’s happening to me
am I imprisoned
or am I free?

what to do?
no idea,
do nothing?
be here?
I must escape the tiger
seeking addiction yet
I see through the ruse

no hiding from the tiger,
when the tiger is the truth

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