JackSewardcafe.pngJUNE 2021: SEEKING INTERVIEWS of people who have participated in homeless, housing, or youth related service programs

Hey, Nemo here. I do independent research and analysis focusing on Youth Autonomy, Economic Empowerment, Trauma Healing, and Philosophy of Being. My main mission in life is to foster the economic and total autonomy of youth, which means self-determination of the individual, and thus the evolution of autonomous communities.

As of June 2020 I’ve released my youth advocacy research paper, with extensive analysis that shows how any person can create a powerful environment for inter-generational self-determination (and thus youth self-determination).

Check out Willpowerful, my free youth independence guide, or my Resource Network Map, an interactive tool for organizing all kinds of resources and services, using the Google My Maps tool.

I am also a composer and musician with a background in contemporary classical, folk, fusion, and genre-blurring. For more of my music, check out my Youtube or SoundCloud. Scroll around this page (Home) to find a variety of videos and music samples. Keep scrolling for a summary on each of the topics I cover.

You can contact me at nemosundry@gmail.com.

~ Summary of Topics ~

Youth Autonomy is the empowerment of children and adolescents to make more choices over their own lives. This isn’t just a manifesto for young people to reclaim their own agency, but also for all of us to take ownership of fostering healthier, more autonomous relationships across ages.

We’re looking at gaining a transparent and deeper understanding of what human beings need at different ages – especially the neglected needs of children – with a prime focus on ending child abuse, repairing the family unit, and supporting the rightful autonomy of young people. This is also a critical analysis and call to action on the youth independence crisis, addressing the infantilization of young human beings at the most essential stage of development in self-determination.

Economic Empowerment is one of the major focuses for empowering youth as well, and it quickly branches out to the individual attaining self-actualization and self-determination, and thus the community- and society. We take a critical look at why people make the choices they do and their relationships to resources. Economic empowerment emphasizes the needs and reactions of the human individual as a starting point for healing, learning, and genuine peace.

Trauma Healing looks at the experiences of trauma in human beings with the goal of healing. Trauma happens when a person experiences something they perceive to be life-threatening, and their sympathetic nervous system kicks into action in a flight, fight or freeze reaction- and this reaction is not fully lived and released. Trauma is not the mechanism itself, but the interruption of this response that traps it in the psyche and nervous system of the individual. With practices such as Somatic Experiencing or Spiral Model Therapy, many people with trauma can begin real paths to deep healing.

Philosophy of Being explores what human suffering is, what it means if suffering ends, and the origins of both autonomy and consciousness. It is also an exploration of human experience through the lens of consciousness, and deals with possible “enlightenment” experiences. Nemo’s main hypothesis in this pursuit is as follows: consciousness is the origin of autonomy. 

This means: where observation goes, autonomy flows. In this philosophy, you are the observer. Beyond the body, beyond language, beyond human life and breath. You are the observer. Consciousness is what you are, where you direct your observation is where consciousness and thus, autonomy, full agency and independent life, follows.